Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miami Ultra

"In the creative process, you cannot both observe and participate in an event." Architecture of the Air

On site at Bicentennial Park in Miami, installing "Sonic Forest 2010" at the ULTRA Music Festival.  It's this weekend -  Spring Break , 70K people a day- - should be wild!!!

Come by if you can. Look for pix and video on the web site next week. 

Debuting new grassroots campaign "Want to Live In Sonic Forest?".  Aziz Ansari's "Sonic Forest"  routine and Bonnaroo chatter has stirred up a flurry of interest to bring the forest to local events.

Inspired by pages from Michael Lewis' book "NEXT: The Future Just Happened" AND the early days of the Grateful Dead, we want to make it possible for our wired-in fans to initiate a viral campaign to raise funds and BRING "Sonic Forest" to their event, campus, festival, etc.

Let's help the people bring Sonic Forest to the people!!!

Also, while in Miami, Squeezing in meetings with subcontractors at Miami Airport for a new installation.   Old school fans will remember "Harmonic Runway" in the old American Airlines International wing

- was de-commissioned due to post 9/11 building changes, but Shiva's dance of destruction

has made way for the new incarnation- "Harmonic Convergence." It is scheduled to open in 2011.  Stay tuned.