Thursday, June 18, 2009

Resin Color Studies

I've been back in the dirt studio working on a set of resin
sculptures. These studies are made from mixing transparent colors
into resin and pour them into troughs. I cast the forms and shape
them when they are in a "rubber" state; trying to make "physical
color." Very Giacometti/plaster studies idea, also elements of
improvisation, since I only have so much time until they are too
hard. These often happens after a big color glass project (Forth
Worth "Parking in Color"). I am still thinking about the colors and
ideas and refer to these as "after-studies." With the "Internal
Anxiety" series, they are moving out of the "studies" phase and on to
a life of their own. Some sound possibilities are looming, taking up
on my old concept of "Sound Is An Invisible Color." Stay tuned.

Internal Anxiety

Sara Dance

Studio Wall With Displayed Sculptures