Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miami Ultra

"In the creative process, you cannot both observe and participate in an event." Architecture of the Air

On site at Bicentennial Park in Miami, installing "Sonic Forest 2010" at the ULTRA Music Festival.  It's this weekend -  Spring Break , 70K people a day- - should be wild!!!

Come by if you can. Look for pix and video on the web site next week. 

Debuting new grassroots campaign "Want to Live In Sonic Forest?".  Aziz Ansari's "Sonic Forest"  routine and Bonnaroo chatter has stirred up a flurry of interest to bring the forest to local events.

Inspired by pages from Michael Lewis' book "NEXT: The Future Just Happened" AND the early days of the Grateful Dead, we want to make it possible for our wired-in fans to initiate a viral campaign to raise funds and BRING "Sonic Forest" to their event, campus, festival, etc.

Let's help the people bring Sonic Forest to the people!!!

Also, while in Miami, Squeezing in meetings with subcontractors at Miami Airport for a new installation.   Old school fans will remember "Harmonic Runway" in the old American Airlines International wing

- was de-commissioned due to post 9/11 building changes, but Shiva's dance of destruction

has made way for the new incarnation- "Harmonic Convergence." It is scheduled to open in 2011.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jam with Sonic Forest at the ULTRA Music Festival March 26-27

There is about a month left until the ULTRA Music Festival, The World's Premiere Electronic Music Festival, March 26-27 in Miami, Florida and we have been continuing to work diligently on the software for an even better experience of Sonic Forest.
  • We have some new samples off the Roland Fantom Sampler.
  • We have developed a nice "Groove/Elastic" hybrid patch to get long smooth decays from the shorter samples like marimba, kalimba, even tabla.
  • Since ULTRA will be crowded, I am also developing some "auto-hooks" to shorten samples as density increases in the SForest.
We are nearly finished with the new "Reflections of Sonic Forest 2010" CD. Scoring it in stereo and 5.1. The 5.1 is lushhhhhh!! If you have a home theater set up, it's almost like being in the Forest! CDs will be available at Ultra Music Fest as well as on our website,

You know that Tiesto, deadmau5, David Guetta will be on the stages at Ultra. But you could be part of the experience of ULTRA through Sonic Forest. We’re looking for conga/jembe drummers who want to jam in the Sonic Forest. Send us your email address at phenom (at) rcn (dot) com and we'll get in touch with you.
"Sonic Forest" is part of my series of Urban Musical Instruments that has appeared at a number of major music festivals including Bonnaroo, Glantonbury and Coachella. It consists of a number of cylindrical 9" diameter columns, each 8 feet high. Each column contains a series of photo-sensors, audio speaker, LED cone-light and star-strobe. By strolling among the columns, people trigger the photo-sensors, which activates the light and an ever-changing “sound score” of melodic tones, environmental sounds and spoken text.

But to learn what it REALLY does, check out "Parks and Recreation" TV star Aziz Ansari's adventure in Sonic Forest ==> Here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hatching a Creative Imagination in a Subterranean Rainbow

I've been working on the final presentation of "Subterranean Rainbow" for Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.

"Subterranean Rainbow" was initiated to help solve the design problem of encouraging students and faculty not to cross the state highway  and to use this new pedestrian tunnel.
       But, while I feel it is the role of design to solve problems, it is the role of art to ask questions. So  my interest is to make the passageway that is not just a transition space, but a destination place of creative play, a new place for creative interaction at all hours of the day and night, especially on a college campus.

As part of my "Urban Musical Instrument" series, my interest is to create an icon for Hendrix College and the city of Conway, to create a place that encourages social interaction in public spaces, a truly "open classroom."